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Working in tandem with schools and parents, the mission of MSK Teen Mentoring Program is to help young ladies in underserved communities -  ages 12-18. Our expectation is that these young ladies find voice, recognize and unleash their true power, and build self-esteem while changing communities, one young woman leader at a time. 


Over the course of our tenure in various communities, we use an evidence-based group therapy curriculum, to support capacity-building and mentoring relationships that empower our girl-centered community to practice executive functioning at its high level and make informed decisions. Our young women leave our program understanding the importance of accountability, resourcefulness and goal-oriented development


We prepare our girls for the future through:

  • Leadership Development,

  • Civic Engagement,

  • Health and Wellness,

  • Career and College Readiness

  • Entrepreneurship, and

  • Socio-Emotional Growth.


In numbers, that far surpass other girl-focused programs, girls involved in MSK:


  • Stay in school. Over four years, 100% of girls involved in our program have graduated from high school.

  • Are prepared. Last year, 100% of students evaluated said they felt better equipped to handle the obstacles that might come on college campuses.

  • Are informed. In the last two years, we succeeded in increasing awareness surrounding teen pregnancy and thus none of our program participants have had to deal with the grappling effects of teen pregnancy.

  • Are in control.  Of the program schools we serviced over the years, the administration reported seeing a decrease in detentions for tardies, uniform violation and general disrespect amongst our program participants. 

  • Graduate college. 98% of graduates from our pilot in 2008 have graduated college and 73% of those graduates have gone on to pursue higher-level degrees. 91% of those graduates are working in their fields of interest.

Support Our Girls

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