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MSK Women

Programs designed to fit the
unique needs of women to
help them live their best
lives possible.

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Beyond high school and college, we never stop needing help and support. Whether socially or via civic programs, MSK Women is dedicated to reaching women everywhere of all ages. Black women specifically have their own set of challenges and barriers to overcome at the intersection of race and gender. Each of the aforementioned barriers by themselves creates their own complex social issues. Together, these barriers create the basis for the work we do and the driving force behind the programs we seek to establish.

Our Purpose


Women of color will be the majority of all women in the US by 2060.

US Census Bureau, National Population by Characteristics: 2010-2019

MSK is founded on the principle of “lifting as we
climb”. This phrase was adopted because far
too often, some women act like crabs in a
barrel. In other words, as one sister gets to the
top of the barrel of success, others pull her
down because of jealousy, fear of her success,
or facing the shortcomings in their own lives. It
is our belief that if all girls and women were
equipped with the same tools to be successful,
instead of giving in to jealousy and fear of the
successful woman, they will learn to celebrate
her, take note of her success and together,
build a community of empowered, supportive,
sisters on the road to being better women.

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Our Mission


Black women only make up 12.3% of high level executives.

Women in the Workplace, 2019

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  • Black Women

  • Ages 23-35, 36-49, 50+

  • Single + Married

  • No income limits

  • No specific sexual orientation

  • With and without children

  • No education limits

  • Looking for life improvement and/or community

Who We Serve


The Issues



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Racial and Gender Equality

Small Business funding

Work/Life Balance

Financial and Family Planning

Nutritional, Mental and Physical Wellness

Lack of Community


Continuing Education

Limited Professional Opportunities

Generational Connectedness

How to Support

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Becoming a member of the MSK Women's Suite allows you to not only stay in the know about what's happening but also: discounts on future events, free downloadable resources, and access to our growing network of over 1,000 vendors, businesses, and partners.

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Becoming a vendor for the MSK Women's Suite grants you the opportunity to market your business to our over 300 members and over 800 social media followers.

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Becoming a sponsor for the MSK Women's Suite or one of our events gives your company the chance to market to two of the most underserved markets in the nonprofit sector while gaining knowledge on how best to serve them.